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My wrist is better. I did not see a doctor. I don't usually like to go to 'em because I think they are all planning an evil plot to steal the patients money... but this time I should have went anyway.
For some reason, even though my wrist is better it still sorta hurts. I think im going to have to make a visit to the doctor.

I feel if I don't I might be like f_ck'd for life with a less-then-regular wrist.
For those of you interested in the condition of my wrist (thats right! All two of you!), its doing much better.

Does anyone actually read these  journals? Please, drop a personal note  so that I know theres actual life  outside this journal.


If anyone actually DOES read my  journal, may you have unprotected  casual sex with 100 virgins (or  something of that nature).
Does anyone actually read these journals? Please, drop a personal note so that I know theres actual life outside this journal.

If anyone actually DOES read my journal, may you have unprotected casual sex with 100 virgins (or something of that nature).